Worth | #Friday500

Cy Twombly (1928-2011) was an American painter and sculptor. In 2007 his painting Phaedrus was vandalized. Phaedrus is a 2 piece installment. The above painting is the left side. The right side is a canvas painted entirely white. It was the white canvas that was vandalized.

How was it vandalized? It was kissed.The perpetrator paid over €1,500 in fines.

The only way we can make sense of this crime is to realize that the paintings were valued at over $2 million. The restoration costs were nearly $50,000. It was a masterpiece by a master artist. Only then can such a kiss be deemed criminal.

When considering topics related to violence (see the violence and desperation posts), we can make little headway without an underlying basis for human worth. Continue reading “Worth | #Friday500”